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Company Philosophy

“To expand the awareness of Award Winning Architectural Design work so that more people can enjoy the satisfaction of projects that enhance their quality of life and our built environment".

Company History

Gary Todd Architecture began as Gary Todd Design established in 1993 at Dunedin by Gary Todd, with the practice expanding to establish a second office in 2005 at Wanaka to work on a diverse range of residential and commercial projects. To reflect the practices commitment to excellence in architecture the company name was changed to Gary Todd Architecture established in 2009.
We have received over 90 Architectural Design Awards in a wide range of categories which is testament to our ability to provide creative solutions for our clients that are both highly successful and fulfilling for all those involved.
We provide excellence by offering trusted experience, innovation and professional guidance to all aspects of a project with vision, planning, documentation, contracts, construction, interior fit out, landscaping, and management from concept to completion.
We consider that each project brings different client requirements and that our response is to guide that project through collaborative input to success, whether it is small or large. The end result is to create inspirational spaces with architecture that meets and exceeds the client and public expectations and is in context to the natural and built environment.
Our practice is green minded and actively incorporates innovative sustainable design and construction with an environmental awareness that will contribute to our future. We support ethical and sustainable practices. We believe our architecture reflects who our clients are and their aspirations.
Client quotation to Gary Todd Architecture “You have given us what we did not know we wanted”


Director:                           Gary Todd           NZRAB Registered Architect (2013)                                                                  NZCD (Arch) (1979)                                                                  ADNZ Professional (1998)                                                                                                                      NZGBC Green Star Practitioner (2013)

Director:                           Krystene Todd      BA Dip Teaching (1980)

Senior Draughtsperson:     Jaime Horne         NZCD (Arch) (2005)  

Draughtsperson:               Courtney Todd      NZCD (Arch) (2013)

Draughtsperson:               Jamie Meason      NZCD (Arch) (2014) 

Architectural Graduate:     Mathew Rowland   M.Arch (prof) (2016)



The Gary Todd Architecture Team at the finish of The Wanaka Challenge 2010

(from the left Gary, Jaime, Steve)

Profile of Gary Todd

Gary Todd is a Director of Gary Todd Architecture a Dunedin and Wanaka based architectural practice established in 1993 that has received over 80 Regional or National Architectural Designers New Zealand Design Awards for new or altered residential or commercial work. Gary has been involved with over 1000 building projects mainly in Dunedin and Central Otago with some projects spread throughout New Zealand ,Australia and Fiji of varied building types and design styles, appropriate to the project brief and location carried over the past 15 years. Gary can call upon considerable design experience whilst working previously for Dunedin architectural practices Mason and Wales Architects, Ministry of Works Architects, and Harrison and Gillies Architects in the prior 15 years. Gary been Otago Southland Branch President and National Vice President of ADNZ. Gary actively promotes the respect of our architectural heritage together with innovative modern architecture on a case by case basis to provide appropriate site specific solutions that respond to the aspirations of the owner and enhance the surrounding environment and community for use today and in the future. Gary believes we have a responsibility to produce architecture that creates “a sense of place in context with the location“ for people to use now either by adaptive reuse or new built architecture that we should aim to be proud of now and in the future.


Gary James Todd is a NZRAB Registered Architect (2013). NZIA Member 4376

ADNZ Professional Member (1997). ADNZ Member 97212

NZGBC Member (2012) Green Star Practitioner


Testimonial from Rick and Lynnette MacKenzie

We are very happy to share our experience of working with Gary Todd who served in the roles of architect and project manager for us. Additionally, as we were living in the USA, Gary helped us find suitable property on which to build.
Our initial contact was over the phone. We found Gary to be very personable, a great listener, and very aware of our needs and wants with this project. We were so confident in Gary’s understanding of what we were looking for in a house and piece of land that we asked Gary to identify properties for us to look at. Gary selected a few suitable properties and Rick then did a flying visit to NZ. Rick met with Gary, for the first time, and made the final decision on the land. The choice was made easy by Gary because he had visited the preferred site numerous times so he understood the land well. Gary’s time spent on the land truly showed in his design. As a result of his comprehensive understanding of the land he recommended the moving of the approved building site in order to maximize views and sun; both of which were part of our original brief and important to us. Gary confirmed that he could design a house suitable for both the land and our likes, help us select a competent builder, obtain resource consents, and act as project manager in our extended absence. We were not to meet Gary again in person for 9 months. During this time we worked through the design via frequent email, 3-D renditions via Dropbox and Skype. We found Gary to be a good communicator and very accessible. By the time we met Gary again, for only the second time, the build was well underway and we were delighted with the accuracy of the renditions, the fit between the house and the land, and Gary’s overall level of understanding and execution of our initial brief. Gary’s interpretation and management of our dream was clearly taking shape, even in our absence. Our trust and confidence in Gary had proved to be well deserved. Even after our arrival in NZ Gary continued to maintain his roles and closely monitor the progress of the build. Gary’s recommendation of Bamford McLeod Construction as builders was excellent. The builders understood the challenges we faced with a remote build and, along with Gary, worked hard to over come these at every opportunity. Gary’s initial cost estimate was accurate overall. During the building process we chose to pursue certain upgrades that both Gary and we felt would significantly enhance the project, and they did. After living in the house for a short time we have found that we have everything in this home that we wished for and more; it functions beyond our expectations and is aesthetically beautiful. We feel very fortunate to have found Gary and would certainly work with him again. Gary made the process easy, helped us make wise decisions, and designed an even better home than we had expected. We wholeheartedly recommend Gary Todd.

Testimonial from Peter & Belinda Blaxland

It is with great pleasure I write to you about our experience hiring Gary to design our holiday home in Wanaka. On two occasions in the past Belinda and I have commissioned architects, one to design a new house and another to renovate our current home in Sydney. Both times, for different reasons we walked away. To say we were a little gun-shy commissioning an architect 2,000 kilometres away is putting it mildly, especially as this was going to be the first house we had ever built.
After we bought our land, Belinda scoured the net and came upon Gary’s web site. Call it luck or by design but Gary was flying into Sydney the following week and we arranged to meet at the airport. From that first meeting we liked Gary very much and felt very comfortable talking with him.
On his return home Gary visited the site in Wanaka and phoned saying that he was confident in designing us a house that would be a perfect fit for the land, the surrounding environment and for our family. What we really liked about Gary was he listened to our thoughts and comments and took great pains to encompass them in the design. We were also fortunate that we were not in a mad hurry to start building. We wanted everything to be just right, so we visited Gary on another 3 or 4 occasions during the year before we were all very happy with the final design. One interesting comment Gary did make, he wanted the whole experience of design and build to be enjoyable, and I have to tell you… it has been.
Early on Gary gave us a broad brush cost estimate so we knew if we were within the ball-park or dreaming a fantasy. To be honest it really hasn’t deviated that much from Gary’s original estimate. Sure the costs have increased a little but not that much over the contingency that Gary strongly recommended we allow. Gary did make further recommendations during the construction as the house began to evolve. The extra costs were always quoted for us to consider and if nor happy, we had the opportunity to stay with the original quote and design. Gary introduced us to Nevin Gibb, our builder, and between the two of them I cannot believe the exceptionally high standard of build. 
Gary has been with project the whole way, and the best decision we made was for him to stay involved until the end. I hope you use Gary; he’s a great guy and a very talented architect.

Testimonial from John & Pamela Farry.

We are now settled in our new home and felt we should write and thank you and your team for your planning and design work on this award winning project. As you are well aware the house site is rather difficult in that it is relatively narrow and rather steep.
On the positive side it enjoys panoramic views of the city and coast line. Your design has succeeded in maximizing the view while creating a light and airy atmosphere which is constantly bathed in sunlight. We thank you for listening carefully to our requirements and suggestions and producing plans accordingly. We are delighted with the end result and have received numerous favorable comments from all those who visit our home.
We also note that we have now dealt with you on a number of diverse projects. You and your team prepared the plans for the extensions to our beach house at Karitane and alterations to the kitchen of our previous home. In the commercial area you designed two residential apartments, 2 award winning office fitout for Enabling Ltd in Dunedin and the refurbishment of the Taieri Gorge Railway Tenancy.
In each instance all those involved in the planning process and the completion of the necessary work have enjoyed the interaction with you and your team. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team and we wish you ongoing success.

Testimonial from Stephen & Gail Higgs.

We have worked with Gary on three new homes, two in Dunedin and one in Wanaka, and have been delighted with the quality, design, and functionality of all our homes. Gary understood our needs and tastes well. He listened well to our design ideas and practical needs, while also showing a real enthusiasm for architectural design flair of his own to bring to the project. Gary has worked with us on homes from traditional to contemporary styling and his breadth of design and project management skills ensured that we have been very satisfied clients every time. We are very happy to recommend Gary and Gary Todd Architecture Ltd to anyone considering designing and building a new home.

Professional Services

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