Wanaka Residence

The brief required a modern interior for flexible use by a couple, family, and friends, including an apartment with separate indoor and outdoor living spaces.

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Durable materials and finishes with an environmentally eco sensitive aesthetic. Transparent spacious interiors to maximize and control views and light. Ability to see thru the house to the Lake and Mountains from the Entry and Courtyard. A design integral with the site overcoming height and coverage restrictions that blends with the landscape. The concept integral to this design is the concrete and glass expressed as a natural aesthetic by blade walls that cantilever and hover above the gravel strata. Thermal mass floors combined with extensive solar tinted green glazing and insulation to achieve passive solar design functioning at optimum levels through the Seasons. Low embodied energy materials, minimized waste and environment impact, using natural materials incorporating local schist stone and gravel for construction and finishes. The residence is terraced into the site to meet height and coverage restrictions, plus cantilevered to provide sheltered or alfresco living. Blade walls allow maximum glazing to unfold panoramic views, with overhangs, louvers, and sails filtering natural light to spacious interiors that flow in side via sliding glazed doors. The Dining Void is a visual horizontal and vertical shaft for natural lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation. The indoor and outdoor green living environments merge in context with the immediate urban and surrounding rural setting. SE and NW axial planning reinforcing views with privacy to neighbours providing modern sustainable architecture.

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