Proposed Queenstown Convention Centre

Gary Todd Architecture in conjunction with Murray Bennett Design led a consortium of regional, national and international consultants with a proposal to the Queenstown Lakes District Council which was selected as a finalist for evaluation by the QLDC for feasability of the Proposed Queenstown Convention Centre.

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100% PURE QUEENSTOWN CONVENTION CENTRE is a proposal presented to the Queenstown Lakes District Council by Gary Todd and Murray Bennett which offers a community, regional and national identity to a project with a preferred Site, Design, Operator and Public Private Partnership model.

This proposal was short listed by QLDC from numerous submissions and presented to the QLDC. This design is a collaborative team effort from experts in their respective fields that have designed some of the finest Convention Centres throughout New Zealand and Australia and also have an appropriate experienced green star background in urban design and sustainable architecture.

The Preferred Site:
The preferred site includes car parks, buildings, land and Recreational Reserve land bounded by Gorge Road, Boundary Street, Templeton Lane, Memorial Street, Camp Street, and Robins Road in Queenstown held in ownership by QLDC and Crown Reserve Land including Horne Creek.
The site is ideally located between the Central Business District and High Density Residential zone that contains a mix of residential and commercial activity which is currently underutilized. The concept aims to best use the existing amenities and revitalize the Central Business District.
The site has land that is used for Council Offices and Library that could be used for future expansion of Convention Centre activities with a synergy to ancillary use of Memorial Hall and new mixed development that is considered economically and environmentally best connected to the CBD.
The site is ideally located in sheltered parkland setting with panoramic scenic views and strong visual connection to the township and surrounding outstanding landscape to reinforce the very aspects that draw people to live in and visit the region to exemplify the Queenstown and New Zealand brand. The intent is to preserve and enhance the green field space and connect periphery walking and cycle tracks to the Convention Centre such as already existing beside Horne Creek.
The site is within a natural amphitheatre with Horne Creek a special environmental resource. The proposal can create a focal green space for a Civic Precinct that offers a Queenstown Heart.

Design Concept:
The inspiration for this proposal is based upon the opportunity for sustainable architecture to story tell the history of the Queenstown environment and descendents that is interpretive and respectful of the regional heritage together with a desire to be a responsible and innovative leader in a global tourism future. The natural human history of Queenstown is considered a highly appropriate design concept for a Civic and Community building and space to enhance the use of such a pivotal existing public green space. The proposal uses sustainability as a key design driver by effectively reducing our carbon footprint with the best environmental practices to address issues such as conservation, education, awareness, waste reduction and air quality and many other aspects associated with the built and natural environment. The proposal uses sustainable architecture to inform decisions in how best to develop a green field site. The design team is a local resource that lives and or works in Queenstown who are passionate about delivering a Convention Centre that can meet and exceed expectations through collaboration. The proposal recognizes the local heritage of Queenstown and uses architecture to tell a storey that is both spiritually and culturally sensitive and reflective of New Zealand’s Contemporary values. The design also wishes to embrace the future with inclusion of state of the art technology, and vision.
We consider business growth blended with conservation of natural resources and protection of our eco systems can be part of this proposal that become inspiring for others at any achievable level desired. Our desire is that a Queenstown Convention Centre will create an unforgettable experience for people within a world class built ant natural environment that is regarded as contributes to “well being” We believe the Queenstown Convention Centre can be a unique facility with a sense of place that enhances the 100% Pure New Zealand brand better than any other site and design is able to. Visitors will feel encouraged to extend a convention visit to explore inspirational scenery and leisure attractions within Queenstown and the surrounding districts which will assist with sustainable growth. The Queenstown Convention Centre can affectively be the catalyst for future growth and prosperity. The Recreation Reserve adjacent to the Convention Centre can offer additional creative revenue streams with cultural and sporting events able to be combined with financial benefits to the whole community with the additional ability for memorial Hall assists the viability and affordability of a Convention Centre to provide an increased diverse multipurpose facility with a much greater marketing ability.

The proposal was offered free of cost to Council illustrating the commitment of all the parties involved to play our role in offering the best advice available to assist Council and Community. The proposal is offered by a team of professionals who are 100% Queenstown Business neutral.
The value and use of all council owned land can be realised in a master plan which actually uses the value of all the preferred sites to their full potential to allow Queenstown to prosper into the future.
Collaboration of all parties who wish to be involved to realize a Convention Centre with associated development may have an opportunity for “the sum of the parts to become greater than the whole”.

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