We design environments to enrich people's lives

Just like 'Cascata' named Trends International Design Awards TIDA 2018 Winner for Architect New Home of the Year.

"Gary gave us what we didn't know we wanted"

It's about inspirational architecture

We help you imagine what's possible

We do more than residential and commercial projects

We have over 30 years of architectural experience

A creative full-service architectural practice based in the lower South Island of New Zealand

As architects, our role is to help our clients imagine environments that will enhance their everyday life and encourage a sense of connection with their surroundings.

Then, we bring it to life.

Our architectural practice is humble however operates with confidence because we are experienced in a variety of building types and styles with a proven track record.

What we do

We work across a range of different types of projects, from new residential builds to alterations, from commercial projects to urban areas. We collaborate with our clients, consultants, contractors and councils to provide excellence and can offer our trusted experience, innovation and professional guidance to all aspects of a project, if desired.

We are green minded and actively incorporate innovative sustainable design and construction with an environmental awareness that can contribute to our future. We believe our architecture can reflect who our clients are and their aspirations.

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We have over 30 years experience

Gary Todd who is an architect based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

With over 30 years of experience, Gary Todd leads his architectural practice, personally partnering with clients throughout the project to achieve rewarding outcomes for all of those involved.

Based in Dunedin with projects primarily in the South Island of New Zealand, Gary and his team believe they have a responsibility to produce architecture that creates a sense of place, in context with its location, for people to enjoy and be proud of now and in the future.

And being the recipient of over 80 regional and or national New Zealand Design Awards his architectural practice continues to do that. With over 1000 building projects completed, Gary has vast experience in many different design solutions that responded to varied client briefs and site conditions as a resource to draw upon plus the intuitive ability to create new innovative solutions going forward.

Gary's designs respond to the aspirations of the client, with the goal to enhance their life and the surrounding environment with respect for the past and a vision for the future.

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Gary Todd Architecture


18 Estuary Crescent
Fairfield, Dunedin

Head Office: 03 488 4594

Central Otago

62 Lagoon Avenue
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Gary Todd: 027 279 9306


53b Edward Avenue
Edgeware, Christchurch

Courtney Todd: 027 388 6504

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